Game Development Programming Languages

game programming

Game development or game programming is the software development revolving around video games. Game development requires skill in software engineering and specialization in various areas like computer graphics, audio programming, artificial intelligence, simulation, physics, database programming and other which all overlap heavily in order to create a game. The fact is many game designers are occasionally asked to do a little programming. This means that entry-level designers commonly switches their positions in teams as the nature of game development design teams is becoming very fluid.

Two Most Common Languages for Game Development

Today, there are literally thousands of different programming languages available out there even though an only small subset of those programming languages is used frequently. There are two main kinds of programming called web and systems programming. Systems programming is programming for only stand-alone applications like those video games you run on your devices. Two most commonly used languages for systems programming are Java and C++. Another kind of programming related to systems programming is scripting, but it eventually comes down to basic systems programming. However it is highly probable that in less than 10 years programming will change fundamentally. Mobile devides, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence are all technologies that have the capacity to change the status quo. The mobile landscape is probably the most dynamicly changing one and at the moment iOS and Android are developing their systems and platforms. This leads to huge changes to all other industries. The ones that follow the quickest are the online betting operators. At the moment the demand for cricket bookies apps for android and ios has been on the increase as there are more than ever users online that are looking for great experience.

Games Growing to be More Complex

On the other hand, web programming is used for those applications which are run through a certain browser over a web interface. Web programming languages work in unison in order to create that kind of experience players desire and expect. Most commonly used web programming languages include CSS3, SQL, HTML5, and JavaScript. Picking the right programming language is among the most important steps before getting into game development further. However, the first and the most important step is math that comes even before picking the right programming language. Almost every function in programming revolves around math. Before getting to know programming languages better, every programmer should devote some time getting to know basics behind game development.

Coders have become specialized artist due to many years out there on the field exploring and learning. In recent years, many other scientific areas have become popular alongside pure coding and programming. In recent years, network programmers and physics also became very popular as the game development process and games online environment has grown to be more complex. Different game studios choose different software packages for their artists to use. Different studios also use different programming languages as different programming languages come with different syntax approaches to the same mathematic principle of basic coding.


c++Modern days games are mostly created using C++. This programming language with some relatively high entry barriers means is more difficult to learn than other programming languages. However, the reward is greater as it allows more direct control over graphical processes and over the hardware that is something crucial in the game development process. This is an object-oriented language. In other words, is uses a certain internal structure in order to better organize code into classes and objects.

Unreal Engine 4

If you are using C++ programming language for coding a game or anything similar to video games from scratch, then you need to build that robust game engine every time from scratch. However, a majority of companies involved in game development is not able to do this every time and they are still expected to release new games every year. This is why many game studios and companies get their license of the current Unreal Engine and then the software’s pre-existing functions and codes in order to expedite the overall process.

XNA Game Studio

Microsoft XNA Game Studio is another popular game development programming package which allows game developers and coders to build those exciting indie games. The most importantly, XNA Game Studio also lets developers and programmers share their unique creations with the world. Today, there are many options when it comes to creating a low budget game, but XNA Game Studio finally introduce and a new way to enable creating games using a console. XNA Game Studio by Microsoft enables developers to share their creation on Xbox Live and this is an amazing opportunity for exposure, so as soon as you are done with your game you can share it out there and let people enjoy in your game.


Java is the best option for beginners as it runs on quite everything including complex video game systems. Java is a very dynamic programming language with a wide range of different applications, so it is a good choice to start with. It is closely related to C++, so it is a good option to learn both of them at the same time which is not difficult as they are related. Another programming languages used for game development that are worth your attention are DarkBASIC and GameMaker.

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