Online Casino Software Basics

online casinoToday there is a wide range of different casino software providers. Todays’ casinos are great improvements of those early versions, which appeared on the web back in 1994 when one of the leading software providers in the industry, Microgaming introduced its very first online casino. Online casino industry has evolved rapidly in the past few years, so today we have amazing online casino venues that provide a truly amazing online gaming experience for worldwide players. Most of the improvements seen in the online casino industry occurred as the software they use greatly has improved over the past few years. Today casino software is more sophisticated than software which was used in the early days of the online casinos.

The animation and graphics are quite amazing these days and they are certainly much better than those used when Microgaming released its very first online casino venue. The leading software providers in the industry like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and other put great efforts in technology advancements in order to provide better gaming experience. Today, the background music, sound effects, animations, and graphics are at the top level. The software used by leading casino venues is also more user-friendly with exciting additional features and greatly improved functionality. In order to play your favorite games at your favorite online casino venue, you don’t have to understand the software behind the games, but understanding and knowing some of the basics won’t hurt you. At least you will get to know how the online casino industry has changed and improved in the last two decades.

Casino Software Basics

Many people who enjoy playing their favorite games at online casino venue wonder are the games rigged in the favor of casino in some way. They are not, since online casino software plays an important role in ensuring the games are fair to the player and not rigged in the casinos’ favor in any way. The concern revolving around this subject is completely unfounded, since the casinos’ already have that fair advantage in the casino edge, so they always make a profit. There is no need for casinos to turn to cheating over players and their money. The software at online casino venues uses RNG’s or random number generator, to provide fairness of the games. RNG’s are certain computer programs, which are producing those random strings of numbers without any discernible pattern. The software communicates with RNG’s in order to produce various outcomes like which card will be dealt next or what symbol will appear on a next spin.

The outcomes of every game are entirely random as outcomes, and casino software ensures that the casino games are absolutely fair. You have same chances of winning in a random hand of blackjack at both online casinos and land-based casinos. Majority of online casino venues when it comes to software they use, they don’t develop it by themselves, but instead, they use leading third party providers. This is a great change since the very beginnings of the online casino industry. Back in those days, many casino operators used their own software. They are still some casinos that use their own software, but they are in minority. Because of this change, you can find the same games at different online casinos provided by the same software provider. Today, the leading online casino venues use software provided by several developers, in order to ensure there is a broad selection of different games. Today, players have a wide range of choices of games to play, not being limited to a single casino.

Types of Casino Software

There are many types of different casino software that can be divided into three categories including mobile, instant play and downloadable casino software. Many games you can find at the online casino venues are offered in all three available formats, so you can play them from different devices, your desktop computer or any portable devices. The games work quite the same regardless of which format you choose, but there are some differences between the formats. The downloadable software is mainly compatible with desktop computers running the Microsoft Windows. You can find this type of software at all major online casinos, and once you download the software you instantly have a broad selection of games you can play. All you have to do is to log in, and you can start playing whenever you like.

Another very common type of casino software is instant play. It has become very popular in the recent times. The software enables you to access and play your favorite games form your web browser, so you don’t have to download anything. This casino software type commonly uses Adobe Flash, so it is compatible with various devices as well as operating systems. You can play many instant play games both from your desktop computer and from a wide range of portable devices like smartphones and tablets. Another type of casino software is mobile. A great number of leading casino operators also offer mobile apps featuring a wide range of different games specifically modified for portable or mobile devices. In order to play your game, all you have to do is to download mobile app to your device or direct it from the casino’s website and you are ready to play.

Leading Casino Software Developers

Today there are many casino software providers, but some of them have become the leading in the industry since the very beginnings. They are most commonly used offering a wide range of games to different casino operators. Many online casino venues use software provided by different developers in order to provide a greater selection of games, so you probably can find your favorite games in many casinos.


Playtech software casino developer has risen to become the most recognized names in the industry. The software provided by Playtech is used by many online casinos today especially by those big gambling operators in the United Kingdom. The company has developed an excellent gaming portfolio including a wide range of different games in various categories including live dealer games, table games, card games, poker and video poker, slots and much more. The company is best known for their games based on the Marvel Comics.


Microgaming software developer is one of the first companies involved in providing software for online casinos. They opened the very first online casino in 1994, and since its introduction, the company has become one of the leading casino software developers alongside Playtech and NetEnt. Microgaming operates online poker rooms in addition to developing hundreds of other casino games used by the majority of online casinos today. The company also has won many prestigious awards, and their job is not done yet as they add new more exciting games to the industry on a regular basis.

Net Entertainment

One of the major casino software operators today alongside giants Playtech and Microgaming is NetEnt or Net Entertainment. It is a Swedish company introduced two decades ago. Since its introduction, it has grown to become one of the leading software development companies best known for their casino games. The company has won many prestigious awards since its introduction. NetEnt is best known for its wide range of slot games even though the company also provides other games like live dealer and table games.