How to Start an Online Casino

startupIn recent years many people wonder how to start their own online casino platform as the online casino industry has grown to accumulate billions every year. Due to the worldwide popularity of the online casino venue, there is no wonder why people want to get into the business. However, even though people are interested in owning their online casino venue, they see an online casino as being very complicated and above all difficult to open.

Despite being challenging the overall process of starting your own online casino is not as hard as it might seem if you are devoted and if your follow certain direction and steps and as long as you follow some guide which will lead you through the overall process. The first and the most important step is to choose an online provider. Once you have one, you can focus one other thing, like choosing available payment methods, choosing casino license, learn how to market your casino and other.

Choose Your Online Provider

Like we already stated, the initial and the most important step is to find your casino software provider. Before you do so, you have to think about which casino software and content you will be using. That software you choose for your online casino is going to run your entire gaming site. In other words, chosen casino software will be the backbone or your online casino venue while helping you manage all operational activities including fraud management, payment processing, account management and marketing campaigns. In addition to software, your choices that will be the backbone or your casino, the games you provide will be the face of your online venue. Before you choose gaming content, keep in mind that you need games which will attract people. Attractive and exciting games are the main factor in choosing your casino software provider.

It should be noted there are two types of online casino operators, ones that offer full casino gaming packages developed by themselves and those offering gaming content developed by casino software developers. Both of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to create and design your games, you will more likely pay lower and there will be a greater flexibility when it comes to meeting your requirements. On the other hand, if you choose to use gaming content provided by other suppliers, you have an opportunity to get gaming content form multiple software developers and sing multiple contracts, but keep in mind that you will have to pay larger fees. Before you choose a casino software provider, you have to discuss monthly fees. This is like paying a monthly rent plus that additional fee from your overall monthly profit. You may also choose a casino software provider which will send you all necessary source code files after purchasing that grant you full data privacy and maximum access over your online casino venue.

Choose a Casino Provider with Premium Casino Offers

Keep in mind that leading casino software developers Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt today cover around sixty percent of the worldwide online casino industry. That is not without a reason. These companies offer the best quality products. If you are not able to include all three of them, then at least try to include one. They commonly charge around 10 000 EUR every month and they demand at least fifty percent of the royalties from every casino they operate. Then if you decide to purchase a complete package offered by them, you will have to pay around 120 000 EUR per year.

There are many options when it comes to choosing casino software providers, but try to include at least of these. It should be noted that you cannot rush with choosing casino software provides. This will be your business partner, so make sure you choose a wise one with quality products. Request contract templates and information from several software suppliers to compare them, before you make your final decision.

Obtain a Casino License

After you have chosen your software casino provider, you have to obtain a casino license. If you choose to go with a software provider that offers a full package, you will be offered a license that will let you operate legally, so there will be no need to obtain one by yourself. This can save you some money at the very beginning, but in a long run, it is better to obtain a license by yourself as soon as you casino starts accumulating serious profit.

Either way, you need a license in order to operate legally. Countries like Costa Rica or Curacao are cheap to obtain a license, while there are countries like Romania and the UK that are more expensive. If you go and get a license from Costa Rica or Curacao, you will be able to accept players coming from some non-regulated jurisdictions. You may use a service in order to set up your offshore company, which will be the face of your online casino while you are in the process of obtaining a casino license.

Set Up Your Payment Options

As soon as you get your casino license, you have to set up your payment options in order to take deposits from your players and to withdraw money from your casino back into the business. The most common payment methods are credit and debit cards, so make sure you allow them as you will improve the chances of getting more customers. In order to verify your credit cards payment methods, you need a credit card processing service. Before you choose your service, make sure you spend some time shopping around those affordable processing services. You will find there are large agencies offering their service at very low rates.

Market Your Casino

When you finally have your casino up and running, it is the right time to finally populate it with worldwide players who will turn your casino someday into a prosperous and profitable business. You will achieve this through casino marketing. It is very important to spend a great amount of time on marketing your casino if you want to turn it into a successful business venture one day. You will decide those countries which you want to target and then you will set up some local marketing campaigns. These include magazine ads, television ads, search engine optimizations focusing on local cities in your country.

Then, make sure you offer a unique and interesting content that will attract players. You can use a Google AdWords campaign in order to get customers. Make sure your casino supports different languages from those targeted countries. The fact is the more languages your casino supports, more player will be heading your way. In addition, pay attention to hold exciting events on a regular basis in order to keep and attract your players. Make sure you always reward those players who spend the greatest amounts of their money at your casino, since you want them to come back.